ward howell

About Us

We are dedicated to helping high-growth, middle-market companies achieve success through deep relationships and access to superior leaders at top companies.

“We build enduring relationships by integrating a rigorous, results- oriented, consultative methodology
with advanced global research capabilities.”

Ward Howell International is a pioneer of the executive search industry. The firm offers the global reach of an established international network of 26 offices in 23 countries. In North America, we are headquartered in New York and maintain a presence in Boston, Miami and Toronto.

The firm provides executive search services exclusively—we focus on what we do well. Our Partners take the success of their clients personally and are directly involved and fully accountable until an engagement is completed—a high professional standard in an industry that has grown increasingly transactional.

Our Heritage

Delivering exceptional leaders is Ward
Howell’s greatest competency.

For almost 70 years, Ward Howell has been working with corporate boards and senior leadership in delivering immediate and impactful performance gains through better leaders, teams and organizations. We do this by helping clients create a unique and sustainable competitive talent advantage.

Our Philosophy

Success is predicated on superior relationships

Communicate regularly with clients and candidates – before, during and after a search.

Recruiting talent is a strategic undertaking

Invest the time upfront to become well-versed in a client’s business objectives, position imperatives, and culture. Both candidate’s aptitude and attitude are important.

People first

Companies win with top talent and proven leaders. Treat all candidates well – we consider ourselves an extension of our clients.

Speed is critical

Exceptional candidates are in high demand and short supply; assume that if we like a candidate, others do too.

Target goal for completing every search engagement is 45 days to presentation of shortlist, however, we will never compromise on our rigor and thoroughness.

Search Process

Define Assignment

Conduct Stakeholder Interviews

Develop Detailed Position Specification

Define Research Strategy Confirm with Client

Conduct research &
identify candidtates

Identify potential candidates

Screen interested candidates interview promising candidates

Provide progress report to client

Secure successful

Present strong-fit candidates to client

Conduct reference checks & manage rejections

Complete offer negotiations

Consult with client on candidate strengths and weaknesses

Counsel and consolidate

Follow-up with placed candidate

Follow-up with client measure search execution

Provide client relevant information

The Ward Howell Advantages


Partner led search

Partners actively involved in all phases of
engagement delivery.

Clear articulation of opportunity and company
positioning to candidates.

Act as credible and effective ambassadors for
our clients.


Unparalleled candidate access

Platform minimizes off-limit restrictions.

Relationships with leading industry opinion leaders, consultants, and advisors.



We are proud to partner with The Paradigm for Parity® to accelerate the pace of gender parity in senior executive roles.

Our clients share our values: Leadership Strength through Diversity
We align on Diversity Objectives with every engagement
We help clients meet their diversity goals
"Our Results – The last 50 global searches - 60% Diverse Candidates on every short list…"


Industry and functional knowledge and perspective

Partners possess deep domain experience in their respective practice areas.

Add valuable perspective based on extensive careers in senior operating roles, retained executive search, and corporate talent aquisition management.


Strategic approach to search

Firsthand understanding of client challenges and KPI’s, as well as candidate backgrounds, successes, and motivations.

Bring operating rigor, discipline, and strategic thinking to executive search.