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Key Industry Trends

Consumer goods growth is slow, particularly in developed markets. Meanwhile, changes in media consumption habits are adding to margin pressure. Marketing models are going through a rapid evolution.
While e-commerce will continue to grow, new models are blending online and brick-and-mortar retailing. The same is true for selling techniques.
The rise of omni-channel shopping and the pervasiveness of social media will continue to reshape the consumer goods industry.
Consumers’ desire for rapid response is forcing change in supply chain management.
Rapidly growing penetration of wifi and smart mobile devices will further render traditional marketing and supply chain models obsolete.
Financial transactions will be increasingly cashless.

Talent Opportunities and Challenges

The massive shifts and intense market forces that impact the consumer sector are giving rise to various business challenges.
These are driven by changes in technology, globalization, innovation, consumer preferences, sales channels, and logistics strategies. Increasingly, leaders need to be agile and responsive to consumer needs and expectations, maximize revenue, and reduce costs and inventory - by embracing the growing digitization and interconnection of products, business models, and value chains.

In the age of the digital consumer, companies will benefit from exploring numerous digital channels, accelerated mobile adoption and direct-to-consumer approach thus rewriting the rules of retailing and CPG manufacturing. Future leaders will have to effectively combine high-tech and high-touch to impact both workforce and bottom line. In response to the changing landscape, talent management processes will need to be designed for challenges relevant to digital disruption. At Ward Howell, we understand how to identify and develop the kind of leaders who drive results and are able to bring out human capabilities and possibilities.

Areas of Expertise

  • Fast-moving Consumer Goods
  • Consumer & Retail Supply Chain
  • Traditional & Social Media marketing
  • Branding & Brand Management

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