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Key Industry Trends

Technological progress is reducing labor intensity across the energy system. A comparison of different power generation technologies suggests that renewables tend to create more upfront jobs in construction and manufacturing, whereas thermal generation requires more ongoing employment in operations and fuel supply.
The role of digital technologies for generating, handling, and communicating data has taken center stage in energy discussions. Huge investments are being made in digitalization of the electricity sector and integration of renewable resources. Meanwhile, the oil and gas industry is using digital technologies to improve operational performance while keeping costs under control.
In some countries, the high penetration of renewable energies, combined with reduced demand following the economic crisis, has dropped power prices on the wholesale market. Under these conditions, flexible approaches can provide competitive advantages.
The power industry doesn’t have a reputation for customer focus. However, as customer expectations rise, social connectivity spreads, and distributed generation gains steam, this must change.
As the power industry evolves, utilities must see their professionals not as experts focused on technical excellence, but rather as ones who possess management, analytical, and commercial capabilities. An aging workforce and widening skill gaps in the utility sector have begun to threaten ongoing operations.

Talent Opportunities and Challenges

To expand, improve profitability, gain competitive advantage and maintain their commitment to high levels of environmental performance, energy companies will have to change their strategies and operational models.
As they position for the future, they must confront issues of energy demand, penetration of renewable energies, commitment to CO2 emissions reduction, the costs of different types of fuel, and infrastructure costs of different energy sources.

Furthermore, customers can now select the alternative power providers of their choice, which makes it imperative for providers to stay at the top of their game. They need to cultivate and nurture teams that lead from the front and see the bigger picture, anticipating impending volatility. Ward Howell believes in finding the right talent for industries grappling with external forces and seeking the right fit in uncertain conditions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewable Energy

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