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Key Industry Trends

Fintech and Insurtech are disrupting traditional financial services and insurance companies. They have evolved from startups offering insurance, lending, and retail-payment services to large mainstream organizations, growing at breakneck speed.
Knowledge is power, and the industry is attempting to harness massive volumes of proprietary and third-party data through investment in analytics. Such tools will bring innovative products to market faster than ever.
Keeping track of the global regulatory environment is no easy feat, and ensuring compliance consumes considerable resources. C-suite leaders are challenged, whether it’s managing tighter capital and liquidity requirements or predicting the future of Dodd-Frank.
Cyber attacks are increasingly sophisticated, prompting greater attention by regulators and forcing stricter privacy legislation. The spectacular growth of digital technologies amplifies the need to stay one step ahead of highly determined cyber criminals.

Talent Opportunities and Challenges

The winners in the pursuit of customers’ share of wallet will be those organizations that are nimble and constantly challenge the status quo.
This requires tolerance for risk and a culture that rewards brave ideas but doesn’t punish teams when they fail. Leaders who thrive will be those who promote cultures of integrity, corporate responsibility, and diversity.

At Ward Howell, we approach each search by first understanding the problems that need to be solved. Then we recruit globally minded, progressive leaders who see change as constant and organizational transformation as business-as-usual.

Areas of Expertise

  • Asset & Wealth Management
  • Corporate & Investment Banking
  • Consumer & Commercial Banking
  • Payments
  • Technology/Fintech
  • Insurance

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